Why there is need to hire the valuer for the need of doing the house valuation process?

The legal need for doing the hiring of the valuer is depends on the person which you had hired for the purpose of the valuation process which is not easy to manage.  The Group’s Business Plan sets out an expectation of approximately 1,800 homes coming into management over the next 5 years, financed by a mixture of Social  Housing Grants and our own reserves.

The Group’s policy is to develop long term relationships with lending institutions that understand the business and are able to meet the Association’s long term  funding requirements. At the year end undrawn committed facilities amounted to £49.2 million and the average maturity of net debt, including  these facilities, was over five years. Policies and procedures are adopted to ensure appropriate action is taken to safeguard the Group’s and the Association’s  residents and assets. The process has been in place  throughout the year to 31 March 2004 and up to the date of approval of the Financial Statements and Annual Report.

The main reason for the selection of the valuer is to make them satisfied with their demands and tell them to work with the experienced ways and knowledge which they have to manage the full house valuation process on www.melbournevaluers.net.au.  The event, which is fully funded by Sandwell’s Community Cohesion Pathfinder Initiative, part of SCVO, is being organised to bring together the residents of Brindley Urban Village and to highlight how they can work and live together.

As well as providing fun activities for the younger residents, such as face painters, DJ, dancers and a bouncy castle, representatives from various local organisations, including Sure Start, the Fire Brigade and the Smethwick Police, will be on hand to talk with residents about issues concerning them, such as safety and environment issues. Rory Green, Housing Manager at Ashram, said: “We consulted with all of the residents, both our tenants and owner-occupiers, about the type of event they wanted, and they asked for a fun event but also one at which they can find out more about community services and resident involvement.