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Perranporth Community Primary School and Delaware Community Primary School have been chosen to pilot the DfES ‘Extended Schools Pathfinder’ initiative within Cornwall. The DfES knows that when a county like Cornwall pilots any of the schemes we produce excellent results. I am sure the three schools chosen for this pilot will prove to be worthy recipients. I am sure we will all look forward to seeing the results of this exciting phase in the development of educational services here in Cornwall. find out more : West Coast Valuers

Cornwall’s Local Education Authority and Early Years Development & Childcare Partnership will work in partnership with the three schools to develop the notion of an inclusive ‘full service’ school. From January 2003 initial and secured DfES funding will enable a full-time project manager to be provided within each school to direct, implement and staff the innovative. The purpose of the ‘pathfinder’ is to extend, not replace, existing provision, taking into account the needs of families and communities in their areas and building on the services and facilities which are already being provided locally.

Local consultation will help schools agree with their partners what types of services they would like to offer their pupils, families and the community. The three schools will be looking to create a more cohesive and holistic vision of school, sustaining and developing links with cluster and coastal schools. Extended schools are presently the subject of a growing debate. Many see them as representing the future of all schools. Next time you’re driving near Truro, Threemilestone or Scorrier, take a close look at the cars around you.

Chances are you’ll see one of the three new County Council electric vans although you might not be able to tell the difference between them and other vehicles around you. The vans are easy to spot with their vivid green livery of an electric plug on the sides and bonnets. The small electric vans have a range of around 40 miles, are ideal for the post run and other central deliveries and only cost 1p per mile to run. The vans are simplicity itself to drive and the only noticeable difference is how quiet they are.