Can You Pass The property valuers Test?

having a system in place to be able to do your direct mail without you having to lift a finger because the next time you have everything in their use he just a few clicks are the most fun and Bait out the door on its way the next thing we knew you that we use Andaman when I recommend is using a  recorded message system and so the way this works is Heather next we automate your really see businesses.

9by using a  recorded-message system now most investors simply will put their cell phone number or just some regular phone number on all a very direct mail on their marketing and so what this means that people gonna call you directly and so you’re gonna talk to everybody which means that you’re probably talking to people they should be talking to anyway people that are not motivated sellers and I’m motivated buyers and that aren’t serious and so you want to avoid a so instead of seller stalking to you directly what they’re gonna.

do is you’re gonna have the seller’s calla very special number on the postcard in its a recorded message that they call in a listen to a recorded message and the recording core recorded message basically tells them you know what we do how we do it and explains everything to them and so what happens Brisbane Property Valuations now is the only the motivated sellers actually leave message whenever somebody leaves a message and says hey call omelet me say listen to all the information and they’re ready to do a deal so there’s no when you get on the phone with them you don’t have to explain.

to them what you do over and over again basically just get right down businesswoman the great thing is that once they leave a message thereon already OK I said predisposed to doing business with you so there’s no hard selling glad they’re talking with you so there’s no convincing required or anything like that but most importantly it frees up your time because picture this I would imagine that you do a direct mail campaign and you have all of theses all of these of sellers that are now calling you and let’s say they’re all calling and listening to this  your your.