About Us

I am Esther R. Hughes working along with my very efficient team at velvetsound.com.au. We have been involved in providing various types of helpful as well as required advices that have been required by the people in the matters of making tax depreciation schedules.

Whether it a high budget requirement or low budget requirement we take time to understand the entire situation and once that situation is properly understood we also plan instant plans as per the requirement of client. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have worked with me and have obtained all results that are required by them in a very short span of time.

We can help you out in giving you a very satisfying report which has been consisting of various types of expenses as well as incomes that have been required by you. We charge you with a very sensible amount of fees that is as per the market rate currently existing.

We can solve your various types of hardships that have been coming to you regarding your property as well as your income and expenditure. The suggestions given by us are completely trust worthy as well as confidential. All your information provided to us is kept completely confidential by our team.